How it Works

How it Works

“I love Skiathos” offers its users the ability to get the Exclusive Card, through which they can take advantage of numerous deals and last-minute offers, to more than 100 local businesses: cafeterias, restaurants, supermarkets, car rentals and more. You can acquire the exclusive card very quickly and easily by purchasing it online, through Paypal, or from our office, located at Skiathos’ port “I love Skiathos” Exclusive Card comprises of 2 different package deals:

1) Personal card (1 person) 9,90€      Buy Card

2) Friends-Couples (2 people) 16,90€      Buy Card

From the moment you get the card, you can immediately Start enjoying its privileges and special offers. You can check all the collaborating businesses online, through the APP.

Do not forget to show your digital/physical card to the store’s, bar’s, restaurant’s manager to verify and provide you with the offer you can easily spot on the collaborating businesses on the island by a distinctive logo (the same logo that you see on your card). For further questions, feel free to contact us through the APP, or visit our office.

* All offers in the accommodation category are valid only in booking directly from the site of the accommodation or in contact with its owner.

* Please login under the “my card” button to start use your digital card or call us to handle your physical card when you arrive on the island.

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