Evangelistria’s Monastery Museum

Evangelistria’s Monastery Museum

The Museum of Musical Instruments         

The Museum of Musical Instruments is unique in Greece. It houses 500 exhibits from the collection of Anna Deligianni, who since the 70’s has collected musical instruments from all over the world. There are traditional woodwind, percussion, and stringed instruments, the names of which are generally unfamiliar to most people. They are all made from a variety of interesting materials. Some, made in Africa, were made from corn leaves, and others from Humanitarian Aid boxes. All are distinguished for their simplicity and originality. At the Museum of Musical Instruments you will find Indian sitars, war trumpets, beacons, traditional santouri, and many other fascinating displays.


The Ecclesiastical Museum

At the Ecclesiastical Museum, you will find a variety of displays which reflect the cultural and ecclesiastical heritage of Skiathos, including an admirable collection of sacred relics, silver and gold chalices, trays, crosses of blessing, rare portable icons, miniature sculptures, lecterns, and unique editions of The Bible and other religious texts.


The Historical Museum                           

Located on the ground floor of the monastery, The Historical Museum is used as an exhibition and conference space by the International Cultural Center. Monastery-style chairs and wooden tables meet the needs of seminars, conferences and events. Among its many fascinating exhibits, The Historical Museum owns a collection of surveillance and special photographic materials from the Balkan Wars, as well as letters and newspapers from the period 1912-1913.


The Folklore Museum                                 

The Folklore Museum is located near the old Olive Mill, on the north side of the building complex of the Monastery of Evangelistria. The local traditions and culture of the area can be explored in its numerous exhibits. Artifacts taken from the daily life of the inhabitants include the loom, the traditional oven, a variety of cooking utensils, and a collection of local costumes.

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