Local Products

Local Products

Skiathos’ outstanding cuisine, much of which consists of fresh seafood, also includes a number of traditional pies, exceptional sweets, and other extraordinary delicacies! Beyond Skiathos’ unique food recipes, there is a great choice of local products to be enjoyed as well!  There is a variety of jams and honey, olive oil, tsipouro (a famous Greek distilled spirit) and, of course, premium wines , olive oil and liqueurs.

Don’t miss to buy one or some of them before you leave the island!




The acclaimed poet and author Alexandros Papadiamantis, regarded by many as the greatest of Greek short story writers, notes in his story of  “Ta mavra koutsoura” (The Black Logs) that Alypiakos Wine is suitable to alleviate the sorrows and sufferings of the people.

The Monastery of the Annunciation, Evangelistria Monastery, has recently decided to make this noteworthy wine again, in sufficient quantity to cover the needs of the Monastery, its many friends and visiting pilgrims.

As we approach the monastery we can see the vineyards that give us the Alypiakos red wine.

Wine is considered collectible and has been known since ancient  times.




The dryscent of mint and thyme attracts the honey bees, they move from fennel to chervil, from wild carrot to willow herb. For three generations Thanos family have been making honey from bee- skips kept in these woodlands and this tradition is kept alive today by Kostas Madalaras whose great grandfather made his honey to be given as a gift to the islanders as they struggled against the German invaders of World War Two.. In bright sunshine, against a sky of deep blue, the bees hum from flower to flower as if time had never touched this forest of magic stillness. In our fast-changing world, stop, traveler, taste the rare mixture of oregano and sweet parsley; herbs gathered by the bees infuse this honey. Allow the dreams of the past to dissolve on your tongue and the gentle sweetness of these flavors to bring back a world which some thought had vanished forever but which survives deep in the recesses of an unchanging tradition.

For more information you can contact Mr. Kostas at 00306946126713


  • ORGANIC OLIVE OIL Evangelistria Monastery Skiathos


The Holy Monastery of the Annunciation of the Virgin Skiathos The monastery is widely known for many years for the systematic organic cultivation of its estates and the production of standard organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The products of the Monastery are accompanied by appropriate packaging and presentation to the consumer for the organic farming program, the exceptional importance it has for the psychosomatic health of people and its relationship with the orthodox tradition of our place.

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