Traditional Skiathos sweets

Traditional Skiathos sweets

“Xamalia”: This type of sweets was, traditionally, served at wedding feasts. Their triangular shape resembled a “love charm”, designed to protect and spread joy among the newlyweds. Additionally, they were filled with honey and walnut, ingredients that, according to folklore, aided the couple in having children. The crust is handmade and fried in premium local olive oil. Finally, the sweets are served with a sprinkling of castor sugar.


“Amigdalota”: Another delicious, traditional delicacy! These sweets are cooked with white almond kernel, which the locals knead with sugar and flower water. They are lightly baked and their shape reminds us of a small lily. As soon as the baking is over, the sweets are sprinkled with flower water and castor sugar. The special occasions for this type of sweets are, mostly, baptisms and name days.


“Aspro (White)”: This exquisite sweet is, in fact, a delicious jam that was served -and is still served- on engagements. The jam is cooked with slightly-cut, white almond kernel, sugar syrup and lemon. Here is the hidden message from this sweet to the newlyweds: the stronger the ingredients’ bond, the stronger the couple’s bond! The jam is served in large pots and each guest serves themselves using a spoon.

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